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How Dental Implants Can Benefit You

“Your smile will thank you when you choose to replace missing teeth with implants.”  Why?

We know that the smile you were given should last a lifetime; however, we realize that detrimental issues can set in that can lead to tooth dental implantsloss.  Did you know that millions of American adults are missing at least one tooth?  If you are among them, it’s important that you turn to our Spring, TX, cosmetic dentist Dr. Maisa Idriss right away for a consultation to determine how dental implants can benefit you.

If left untreated tooth loss can ultimately lead to the deterioration of the jawbone, which in turn will affect the overall facial structure and lead to sagging and premature wrinkles.  By getting dental implants in Spring, TX, at The Smile Designer you can improve not just your appearance but your overall oral health.  Remember, everyone should feel confident with their smile and dental implants can revive the smile you once had, after tooth loss.

Look at the long-term benefits you’ll enjoy when you get dental implants from Dr. Idriss:

  • Lifelong tooth replacement
  • A durable and resilient restoration made from titanium
  • A boost to your self-esteem and confidence
  • Preservation of the jawbone and prevention of bone loss
  • Support for your natural facial structure
  • Prevent teeth from shifting into gaps that will affect your smile
  • Restored chewing
  • Improvement to your quality of life
  • And, Easy maintenance and care

A dental implant is the only tooth replacement that actually functions like real teeth! The magic lies in the metal implant itself which is made from titanium, a bio-compatible metal that the mouth won’t reject. Once Dr. Idriss surgically places the implant into the jawbone the bone and tissue will heal around the implant.  The result?  A permanent foundation from which to hold a dental crown in place.

If you are missing several teeth or a full row of teeth multiple implants can also be placed along the arches of the jawbone to support dentures. In fact, many denture wearers who aren’t satisfied with how their dentures fit will benefit greatly from getting implants, since they will hold the dentures firmly in place.  Then, the dentures won't move or shift around while speaking or chewing.

If you dreaming of restoring or gaining the smile you've dreamed of, Dental implants may just be the solution you're looking for!  See if you are an ideal candidate for implants by calling The Smile Designer in Spring, TX, today!

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