Night Lase

What is Night Lase?

Night LaseHave you given up on your CPAP machine or decided that dental appliances designed to treat sleep apnea just aren't comfortable? Just because these treatment options didn't work for you doesn't mean that you have to forget about treating this potentially serious condition. The NightLase laser procedure offers a better way to address the problem. Dr. Maisa Idriss of The Smile Designer in Spring, TX, explains how NightLase stops sleep apnea.

Why is sleep apnea dangerous?

Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing hundreds of times during the night. Although those breathing pauses usually only lasts seconds, the cumulative oxygen deprivation can raise your risk of developing stroke, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Many people first seek treatment when their family members or significant others complain that they snore so loudly that they can be heard all over Spring. Unfortunately, if treatment options aren't comfortable, some people who have sleep apnea decide to just live with the problem.

How can NightLase help?

Sleep apnea can occur if you have excess tissue in your throat that interferes with your breathing. When you relax during sleep, your throat also becomes relaxed and may even temporarily collapse on itself, making it impossible for air to reach your lungs. The NightLase procedure uses the Fontono Lightwalker laser to shrink and tighten the tissues in your throat and open your airway. The heat from the laser beam helps new collagen form, which has a tightening effect on throat tissue. The laser is usually used to treat your throat, uvula, tonsils and soft palate. Most people need three NightLase treatments each spaced three weeks apart.

Is NightLase painful?

Because the laser generates heat, you'll probably feel a warming sensation when the laser beam is aimed at your throat, although the procedure shouldn't be painful. After your treatment, you can resume your normal activities and won't even need to take any pain medication. It can take up to six months to experience the full effects of treatments, allow you'll usually notice an improvement after the first treatment.

Overcome sleep apnea with NightLase. Call your Spring, TX, dentist, Dr. Idriss of The Smile Designer, at (281) 257-8815 and schedule an appointment to find out if you're a good candidate.

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