Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Spring, TX

The dental health of children should never be underestimated. Children indeed lose their baby teeth, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need regular dental care. Parents looking for children’s dentistry in Spring, TX can rely on us at The Smile Designer of Spring.

Our dentists are well-trained and prepared to take care of your family’s dental needs. We can treat children as effectively as we can treat adults. At The Smile Designer of Spring, TX, we care a great deal about children’s dentistry. By taking good care of the dental health of a child, we’ll be preparing them to have good health as an adult.

Fluoride Treatments

Every parent knows that fluoride is found in toothpaste. Fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office, however, contain very high concentrations of fluoride. At The Smile Designer of Spring, we perform these procedures to strengthen teeth. Fluoride is also capable of halting ongoing decay. This can prevent cavities and other dental issues.

We know that parents might be tempted to perform these treatments at home, but we don’t recommend it. We have to calculate the right dose of fluoride, depending on your child’s weight. Using too much fluoride at home can lead to pitting of the teeth. Damage due to fluoride is irreversible. The safest option is to take your child to the dentist for these procedures. They’re painless, and your child will remain comfortable.

Dental Sealants

Using composite resin, we can seal the grooves found on premolars and molars. Children start to get premolars and molars at the age of 6. Using sealants to close these grooves can protect the teeth from bacteria. Bacteria can grow and replicate when they’re hidden from the toothbrush. These grooves are excellent hiding spots, and our goal is to eliminate them.

Dental sealants last a couple of years, and your child will need to visit us several times as new teeth erupt. Applying composite resin to your child’s teeth has no side effects and won’t affect their growth or abilities to chew and speak.

We also provide other types of dental care for children and can give you advice on how to improve your child’s dental health.

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