Dentures in Spring, TX

Think about the washing machine in your laundry room right now. Or maybe even the coffee machine, perhaps the oven. What all of these have in common is that they are all appliances, and most appliances require special maintenance and care to ensure that they are working as they should not only now but for a long time coming.

In the same sense, dental appliances require the same amount of special attention. Dental appliances such a dentures also require care, as they’re made from materials that can erode and fracture, given that they are used every day. Fracturing your dentures is not uncommon, but the longer a denture is worn, the more it will merit a visit to the dentist for denture repair.

Why Is It Needed?

The main reason dentures require repairs, besides the type of materials that are used and how often they are utilized, is that fractures and breakages are inevitable. The most common causes of fractures are a poor fit and even dropping the denture on the floor at any rate.

In terms of a denture that is not fitting correctly, when you chew or bite with it, a force is applied that causes microfractures into the denture material. For example, if the lower and upper set of dentures don’t align perfectly, then you risk putting too much pressure on one area instead of distributing it evenly.

How Is It Done?

The most important part of denture repair is relining or revitalizing it. In the case that gums and bones under the under the denture or partial change over time, the fit of the denture can shrink meaning that it must be reset. If you can catch this shift in size early enough, your dentist can most likely add back material to the denture in order to improve the fit. If your denture does require a bit more work, then it can be sent to a dental laboratory.

Is It Time You Got Your Dentures Repaired?

Another good thing to keep in mind is how you take care of your dentures near you. Are you heeding all of the recommendations that your dentist has given you in terms of taking care of your dentures? If the answer is yes, don’t worry if there is damage done to your dentures, as stated before, it is inevitable.

If you do need your dentures repaired, don’t hesitate to give our Spring, TX office a call. We at The Smile Designer of Spring would love the opportunity to help and make sure that the function and look of your dentures isn’t diminished. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment!

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