Sandra Rios

Sandra Rios


Sandra is our Restorative Dental assistant (RDA). Sandra has been with our team since 2013. She is also a graduated dentist from her birth country, Nicaragua. She graduated from UNAN LEON University as a dentist in 1996. She served her community as a practicing dentist in Nicaragua for 2 years before moving to Houston alongside her husband of over 23 years in 2006. Sandra can be called in our office as the epitome of energy, cheerfulness and laughter. Always ready to help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed in our office. She is the right hand of Dr. Idriss during all restorative procedures. She is also Bi-lingual and loves to talk and entertain.

On her days off, Sandra loves to be around her 4 fur babies (Sam, sassy, Pinky and Snoopy) and take them for long walks. She loves to cook and experiment with different international cuisines. She loves to talk and interact and keeps herself busy catching up with her 11 siblings during the weekend.

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