If you neglect your teeth or have poor oral hygiene, you may develop cavities and periodontal disease. Reports show that once dental sealants are applied, they can offer 80% protection against cavities for up to two years and 50% protection for up to four years. While dental sealants are commonly applied to the molars of children, they can be used for adult teeth too.

Dental cavities and infections can be prevented to a large extent by regular brushing, flossing, a nutritious diet, and bi-annual dental exams and cleanings. However, by seeking dental sealants near you, you can add an extra layer of protection for your child’s teeth – or even your own teeth.

At times, your teeth may be genetically prone to cavities despite excellent oral care. The good news is that there are dental sealant treatment options available for adults as well. If you’re concerned about the occurrence of cavities, please contact our dentists in Spring, TX, for our wide range of dentistry treatments.

Types of Dental Sealants in Spring, TX

There are two types of dental sealants that are popularly used. One is the resin type, which hardens when the dentist shines a curing light on it. The dentist first ensures that biting surfaces are properly coated before hardening the sealant.

The other type is the ‘auto polymerizing’ type that hardens on its own without the curing light. While this type of sealant requires less equipment to apply, it hardens quickly, so the dentist must work quickly to get the job done.

We offer top-notch dental sealant treatments for children and adults. Our patient-friendly team will explain the benefits and procedures in detail.

Timely Dental Sealant Treatments Can Minimize the Need for Fillings or Crowns

Since they provide effective protection against bacteria, dental sealants are often instrumental in reducing the need for other dental restorations. Fillings and crowns involve more complex procedures and may cost more than dental sealants.

If you’re interested in preventive tooth decay treatments, it’s a good idea to look for dental sealants near you in Spring, TX.


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