Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Your natural smile is always the best. However, there are cases where a tooth is so severely decayed or damaged that removal is the safest way to preserve your health. At other times tooth extraction near you is also necessary to prepare for other procedures. Our Spring, TX dentist and The Smile Designer of Spring team will make every effort to keep you comfortable at every visit. If your dentist suggests tooth removal, we will explain what is happening every step of the way. You will understand your post-extraction needs and tooth replacement options. So, if one or more of your teeth may not be salvageable, call The Smile Designer of Spring today.

Tooth Removal in Spring, TX

Extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth. While the goal is always to maintain your natural teeth, sometimes it’s not possible. Certain conditions make removal the most effective solution for overall health, mouth function, and aesthetic appeal. After an extraction, we will provide high-quality tooth replacement options available.

There are several reasons why your dentist may recommend extraction, including:

  • A severe infection that caused significant damage to the tooth structure and underlying bone
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Extensive tooth decay that is beyond repair
  • Too many teeth in a small mouth causing crowding and a poor fit

At The Smile Designer of Spring, we have the skill and experience to perform successful tooth extractions in Spring, TX every day. Our dental team uses excellent care to ensure that our patients have a comfortable and pain-free experience. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today to learn more.

Post-Extraction Care Instructions

To ensure the best outcome possible, we will provide concise post-treatment instructions. By following your detailed after-care plan, you will heal faster and most efficiently.

At The Smile Designer of Spring, our experienced dentists are qualified to perform both simple and surgical extractions safely. So you can count on our team to not only pull teeth but also to deliver adequate after-care. Follow your personalized care plan to avoid complications and longer healing time.

For more information on extractions or to schedule a consultation at our Spring, TX dental office, call or visit The Smile Designer of Spring.


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