Our dentists at The Smile Designer of Spring in Spring, TX have many ways of treating stained teeth to look white and bright again. They can clean them, then they can recommend teeth whitening for surface stains, or they may suggest veneers for teeth that have stains due to trauma or medicines the patient is taking.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Stains

The stains on teeth caused by food and drink are known as extrinsic stains. They are usually spread over the entire tooth and are a result of consuming beverages with tannins, such as black tea or consuming berries, red wine, or coffee.

Intrinsic stains come from inside the tooth. They can be the result of an injury that bruised the tooth’s inner structures, disease, or they could be from medications that the patient is taking. These stains are smaller and darker than extrinsic stains.

Covering Intrinsic Stains

To get rid of the appearance of extrinsic stains, one of our dentists at The Smile Designer of Spring in Spring, TX may suggest getting veneers to cover them. Veneers are pieces of thin material that fit over the fronts of teeth to make them look better. Dentists often use them on teeth with minor cracks, chips, or to cover other flaws people don’t like, such as stains.

Porcelain, porcelain laminate, and composite resin are the three materials used in the manufacture of veneers. Most people choose porcelain because it reflects light as natural enamel does, so they look more like real teeth. When they are in place, the dentist will trim the veneers so that they fit the fronts of your teeth correctly, and people won’t be able to tell them apart from your natural teeth.

Attaching Veneers

To get the thin pieces of material to cover your teeth, our dentists at The Smile Designer of Spring will cover the fronts of them with a chemical that will lightly etch the enamel. This chemical roughens the enamel to allow the bonding cement to stick to the teeth. Then, after applying the veneers, the adhesive is cured to give them a permanent bond to your teeth.

If your teeth are stained or have other flaws, you don’t like, consult our dentists in Spring, TX about veneers to give your teeth a flawless appearance.


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