Excessive or Uneven Gums

Excessive or Uneven Gums

Are unsightly and uneven gums spoiling your smile and interfering with your oral health? Our qualified dentist provides suitable gum treatments to restore the aesthetics and health of your gums.

How Are Excessive or Uneven Gums Formed?

You may develop excessive or uneven gums inherently by birth or due to dental trauma. Some sections of the gums may recede while other sections may remain in place, giving rise to an unattractive smile.

Problems Caused by Uneven Gums

Excessive or uneven gums in Spring, TX, can cause several problems. It’s more challenging to brush and floss your teeth, and they become more vulnerable to decay and cavities. Many patients are embarrassed and self-conscious when excessive gums get displayed whenever they smile.

Receding gums or a thin gum line may increase the risks of gum disease and result in tooth loss. Regardless of the cause, our experienced dentist at The Smile Designer of Spring can treat excessive or uneven gums to restore your smile and oral health.

Treatments for Excessive and Uneven Gums Near You

This treatment usually involves surgery and will depend on the nature of the problem. Our dentist will perform a gingivectomy or gum surgery to reduce excessive gum tissue. We will administer an adequate local anesthetic before starting the procedure to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

For areas with receding gums, the dentist will graft gum tissue from other parts of the mouth and surgically insert it in the site. This process is known as ‘gum grafting.’ Laser surgery, gum lifts, and gum-grafting techniques accelerate healing as there is little to no bleeding at the site.

We also use the most modern dental technology to produce stunning outcomes. Once the surgery is complete, the dentist in Spring, TX, will place oral dressing in the area to aid healing and recovery. Patients may need to use prescription mouthwashes, medication, and follow oral hygiene tips after surgery.

If you want to improve your smile or are frustrated with excessive or uneven gums, please contact The Smile Designer of Spring for cosmetic or corrective gum surgery and re-shaping treatments.


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