TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment

At The Smile Designer of Spring in Spring, TX, we see patients suffering from TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) regularly. You should always look for a dentist if you think you might need TMD treatment in Spring, TX. The longer the condition continues unresolved, the worse it’ll get.

Patients usually experience pain in their jaws, but if you don’t visit a dentist in Spring, TX, things can get worse. TMD can lead to a locked jaw where patients become completely incapable of moving their mouths. You might also notice a clicking sound when you chew or speak. Seeking TMD treatment near you to identify the problem and treat it can stop the progression of the disease.

Causes of TMD

Trauma is the most common cause of TMD. Whether accidental or on purpose, receiving trauma to the chin or the side of the face can damage the bones and soft tissues that form the temporomandibular joints. TMD can also be a consequence of teeth grinding. If you wake up with pain in your teeth and jaw, you might be grinding your teeth in your sleep. While this isn’t a common presentation, rheumatoid arthritis has also been known to affect the TMJs.

Stress leads to muscle spasms. When the muscles of the jaw start to spasm, they can cause pain and limitations. In some cases, there’s no identifiable cause of TMD.

Treatment of TMD

In most patients, the simple use of anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants will be enough to treat TMD. Many patients have TMD due to stress or teeth grinding. These are usually mild cases that don’t require surgical intervention. If a patient grinds their teeth while asleep, we might recommend wearing a night guard for protection.

Surgery is reserved for severe cases. When there’s debris or damaged tissue in the TMJ evident on an MRI, we might have to intervene surgically to remove or repair it. At The Smile Designer of Spring, we have the training and expertise to perform TMD surgery successfully. We prefer arthroscopic surgery because it’s minimally invasive and is associated with faster and simpler recoveries.


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