Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Have you lost your tooth recently due to an accident, injury, decay, or aging? In that case, you may be considering different restoration options before deciding on one.

Why Get Missing Teeth Replaced

Missing teeth lead to much more than just cosmetic problems. In addition to creating an embarrassing gap, it also causes unnecessary strain on adjacent teeth and causes other teeth to rotate and shift to fill the space.

Lost teeth also trigger bone loss, which may result in a sagging facial structure. You may appear much older than you are. Also, your bite may change, and patients often experience pain during chewing and biting.

At The Smile Designer of Spring, you can choose from several restorations, including crowns, partials, dentures, implants, and bridges near you.

Dental Bridges Are a Reliable Ideal Solution

Dental bridges are reliable and durable restorations for missing teeth. If you plan to get a dental bridge placed in your oral cavity, it may be useful to know more about the procedure and benefits.

There are four types of bridges available, and your dentist in Spring, TX will help you choose the right one. The most commonly used bridge is the traditional one, where the bridge is anchored to the teeth on either side of the space. The bridge may consist of 1 or 2 artificial teeth known as ‘pontics’ to replace the missing teeth.

The most stable type of bridge is an implanted-supported model where the dentist places implants to support the bridge. We recommend implant-supported bridges in Spring, TX for maximum stability and strength. There is less risk of damage to anchoring teeth due to decay or cavities.

Is the Process Painful?

Our trained dental team always prioritizes the comfort and safety of patients. We will administer local anesthesia or numbing gel to desensitize the area.

The dentist will also prescribe effective painkillers to reduce natural soreness or discomfort that you may experience for a day or two.

Please feel free to contact The Smile Designer of Spring for more information on the most suitable dental bridges for your situation.


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